1.  What type of photography do you do?
So far in my photography journey, I don’t have just one favorite type of photography. A short attention span could be to blame. I enjoy working with a camera in hand, capturing the moments of life. From engagements, weddings, graduation photos, family portraits, pet portraits, and some real estate (not pictured in portfolio) 
2.  Why should I hire a professional photographer?
This is for your benefit so that you won’t have to worry about one of your family members or friends missing out on whatever event is being captured because they’re the one manning the camera. I have experience in producing high-quality images that will last a lifetime and create wonderful memories.
3.  Are deposits refundable?
Deposits are refundable in the event of an emergency or inclimate weather (meaning the shoot must be canceled). However, if it is rescheduled the deposit will be kept.
4. When will we get our finished prints?
I have only worked with digital images, though not opposed to trying something new.  However, so far I find that most people want digital images over prints.
5.  Do you include digital images?
Yes, I want my clients to have all the copies from the original shoot. From there I typically have the client make a selection of photos they wish to be edited.  This way you keep all images and the focus goes to the ones YOU find most valuable!
6.  How long will a session take?
 Example:  3 hours for senior portrait sessions, while wedding photography sessions might be booked as all-day events. I want to make sure you get the time needed, but also that the sessions will not drag out longer than necessary. This is mapped out better once I know what the project involves; location, time, what is the subject(s) of the shoot.
7.  Do you backup/secure images for protection?
I keep all photos from the shoot on memory cards and will not delete any work until my clients have received all of their photos. Both edited and non edited.  I typically keep all photos from a shoot for at least 6 months, however I always reach out to clients just to confirm they have all photos before deleting. 
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